Network Appliance Installation

Don’t wait until you learn the hard way about the complexities of installing your network appliance correctly. dVictor Technologies will handle all your network appliance installations ranging from Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Servers, CCTV & Accesories. We work with various vendors notably Fortinet, Cisco, HP, Dell, Palo Alto, Alcatel etc to serve you better.

We will design your Network, run the cable, implement the connection, and ensure everything works coherently. Our experience, combined with our unique knowledge of the ever-evolving Network market, guarantees that your organization will benefit from our innovative solutions that are fit for inevitable challenges and are scalable to meet future demands.

Network Appliances:-

Appliances installation services at dVictor Technologies are wide-ranging and covers network and server appliances. If you are ready to request an installation service, check out what you can expect from us. click here

1. Firewalls

We offer comprehensive support relating to your firewall configuration and installation, starting with a process of thorough information gathering to build a collection of rules and functions so that you can be assured of your Cisco, ChecdkPoint, Stonegate, Palo Alto or Fortinet firewalls are delivering the best possible service and value. As we provide consultancy from qualified and certified engineers, you should be assured of correct configurations that have been designed and applied with minimum fuss. We aim to ensure your complete satisfaction with your firewalls configuration, from the day it is installed.

2. Switches and Routers

Our Cisco-accredited engineers have years of experience working with a myriad of networking equipment, including Cisco, Meraki and Alcatel L2 & L3 switches and routers. We can recommend suitable network hardware to meet both the size of your organisation and your budget. Our installations are thoroughly documented so that they can be easily supported post-installation. We don’t just install new networks; we can also help with network upgrades. Our engineers have helped several businesses network performance by upgrading core switches and access switches. Whether you need to reconfigure your existing network to ensure maximum efficiency or are setting up an entirely new system, we have you covered.

3. Wifi APs & Controllers

Before setting up the wifi, we will send our professional team to your premises to do a complete site assessment. In the site assessment, your location will be analyzed and evaluated to understand how wifi installation must be implemented.

Our engineers will design and engineer wireless infrastructure that meets your facility’s specific needs. We focus on delivering the highest standard of service so that you can enjoy seamless wireless connectivity throughout the premises.

After the evaluation and design process is completed, our engineers will install the wifi system for seamless network communication. The Network Installers is committed to providing you with a service that you can count on.

4. High-End servers

Whether you already own a server, are looking for a server solution or an upgrade of your current server

At dVictor Technologies we have the skills and experience to advise you of what servers, operating systems and applications would best suit your businesses current and anticipated future requirements. We specialise in server installation and management and work with, Linux, Microsoft and Windows server support. We analyse your business requirements to ensure that your small business server needs are met. We offer server services as part of our small business it support programme

5. CCTV & Accesories

We can install professional CCTV installation for your home and business. Enable you to remotely view on multiple devices from anywhere in the world. We only use the very best digital technology to give you the best security possible.

As a local company we are able to offer you a reliable and dedicated service whether you need a small security system or a large fully integrated CCTV setup. We’re here to help relieve the stress and make your property more secure. Contact us for CCTV procurement and installation

6. Computer & Printers Installations & Repairs

Do you want to install new PCs, Printers within a domain for your corporate or private company?

Do you intend to fix systems issues, printer errors or sudden incidents that negatively impacts your business?

Do you want to repair complex or simple business gadgets, PCs and Printers ? Kindly contact US to make all these work beautifully again.

7. Internet Box Installation

dVictor Technologies will accompany you to select the best network provider based on your budgets and needs.

After signing your contract with the internet provider, we take it from there to ensure that you focus the core business transaction with complete peace of mind.